McDonald’s Shake!


I was in line inside McDonald’s this morning and witnessed the following exchange at the register in front of me between a weird guy that kind of looked like the above picture and a McDonald’s employee.  My comments are in parentheses.

Weird guy:  I need a shake. (no mention as to what size or what kind)
McD:  I’m sorry we don’t have any shakes right now. (8am would be an understandable time not to have shakes if there was going to be one)
Weird guy:  What??!!!
McD:  We’re cleaning the shake machine.
Weird guy:  My wife needs a shake.
McD:  Maybe a smoothie or a frappe instead?
Weird guy:  NO!!! A SHAKE! She just had surgery and she can only drink shakes! (Really? Is that surgery the opposite of lipo?)
McD: I’m really sorry, we have to clean the shake machine once a week.  (A good thing in my mind)
Weird guy: Hands his cell phone to the McDonald’s employee You tell her.
McD:  I’m sorry sir.
Weird guy: I’ll just take a hashbrown.