Modern Mushroom


I’m not sure what makes their mushrooms anymore modern than the next, but this is an awesome logo.

Beer Me!


I love beer so I’m going to document the ones I drink. I don’t have a trained enough palette to tell much about all the flavor notes and all that garbage, but I can tell you what I was thinking when it touched my lips. Gray’s Honey Ale is good. I didn’t taste any honey but I’m pretty sure they do that on purpose. It seemed pretty light, smooth and refreshing to me and it’s brewed in Janesville, WI so I smell a tour in the near future.

I Love The 80’s: Johnny 5 + BeeGees

I was listening to my Hall and Oates Pandora station when “More Than a Woman” by the BeeGees came on. And even though I haven’t seen Short Circuit in like 20 years (which suddenly makes me feel really old) the first thing that popped into my head was Johnny 5 dancing with that mute girl from The Breakfast Club. I found the vid on YouTube and I have to say: 1. That movie is a classic – I’ll be streaming it on Netflix ASAP
2. It is a little weird how much sexual tension there was between robot and woman in that scene.

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He’s in our living room now thanks to a 4 am wake-up, some early morning sprinting and some quick moves by Tara. But it was pretty crazy at Humboldt Park this morning running around in the dark looking for Bernie Brewer lawn ornaments with crazed zombie fans everywhere. I got bum-rushed by a guy who must have thought Beckett was a Bernie. I was just like “dude, it’s a baby.” But a fun promo by the Brewers despite all the people tweeting about cheaters and crying that they didn’t get one. The only thing that sucks are the people that took more than one. If you love Bernie lawn ornaments so much you staked out a county park in the middle of the night, more power to you.



Who gave satan a paint pen?
Seriously though, how much do you have to hate something to write about it on the underside of a toilet seat?!

Workplace Productivity


I got a sweet heavy duty slinky at work the other day from Smalley Snap Ring Company. I forgot how much fun slinkys are! Productivity has been down slightly but satisfaction is up!
I put the slinky in my drawer for the night (for safe keeping) and the next day my Bucky Balls had taken to it like a giant squid on a submarine. Fun stuff.

Herd of Mannequins


A moment rarely captured on film: Mannequins in their natural state huddled together for warmth (at a soon to be closed Gap).